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Friday, January 25, 2013

Senate Filibuster Proof 60 Votes - Democrats Must Get Those Votes

Liberal Democrats are upset with Senate President Harry Reid who didn't force a push back on the abuse of the Filibuster. They want Reid to keep on fighting.

Although requiring 60 votes to pass substantial national legislation is a daunting political task, the fact is, it's time for Democrats to throw the obstructionist Republicans out of the Senate and claim those votes for Progressive legislation.  In other words, by keeping the 60 vote super majority filibuster proof Senate rule, the Democrats could win those votes,  thus removing the obstructionist Republicans, by defeating them in the 2014 election. 

There must be a political strategy behind why Senate President Reid caved when he could have pushed for meaningful filibuster reform, thus angering liberal Democrats.  Nevertheless, rather than continuing the filibuster anger, the recourse is for Democrats to defeat the obstructionists who abuse this Senate rule. Democrats need to find some high profile candidates to run in strategic elections to create a 60 vote filibuster majority. 

Can Democrats really pull off a 60 vote Senate majority?  There was a 60 vote majority in place, briefly, when President Obama was able to pass the important Health Care Reform law, recently ruled to be Constitutional by the US Supreme Court. 

So, Democrats can win 60 Senate seats by running smart campaigns.  A segue came from Governor Bobby Jindal who says, the GOP must stop being stupid.   Logically, Jindal is saying Democrats are the smart party.

Democrats won the 2012 election by running smart campaigns, despite being outspent by super-rich-super-Political Action Committees.  Nevertheless, unfortunately, the political victory is not yet complete.  We must win a 60 vote Democratic filibuster proof majority in the US Senate in the 2014 election.  Let's begin by claiming Georgia Republican Senator Saxby's seat in in 2014, who announced he is not running.  That's 56 seats.  Four more to go.



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