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Thursday, March 08, 2012

"God" Speak: Romney and the Doomed Titanic

More than radio communications and GPS guiding systems are being disrupted by those solar explosions described by astronomers.

Solar flares might also be impacting the rational thinking of experts in the Mitt Romeny campaign to win the Republican nomination for US president.  

What else can explain the two horrible gaffs, just this past week, by Romney's campaign communications team? First off,  Romney didn't blast "Bim-baugh" - Rush Limbaugh, for his slanderous comments made on the radio against Ms. Fluke, a young law student who spoke at a US Congressional hearing in defense of contraception coverage for women's health.  

Worse than that, if there is such a thing, is the terrible correlation made between Romney's perceived inevitability towards his political party's nomination and invoking "God" as preordaining his selection.  

In other words, only God can interfere with Romney's nomination?  Really?  I think Romney might consider being more fearful of this later statement than anything "unsaid" about the disgusting comments he didn't make about Bim-baugh.

Invoking God in a campaign dragged down by the over use of expensive negative campaign ads, created to prove Romney is the conservative - the real conservative, is a tactic that doesn't sit well with God, I'm certain of it!

By invoking God, the Romney people unintentionally raised his religious issue, yet again, because, frankly, many people, including me, don't understand how his Mormon faith interacts with Christianity. Romney doesn't need suspicious people, like me, questioning his religious beliefs. In fact, Romney, and every American has the right and privilege to practice whatever religion we want.  I believe we should overlook Romney's religion and focus on his qualifications to do the job. Now, I'm wondering if he is really qualified, or just an overly zealous and ambitious politician.

Nevertheless, when God's name enters the debate, unwanted religious scrutiny follows. It's like solar flares and glitched radio waves, one phenomenon follows the other.

Rather than go on about these communications debacles, I simply say this:  It's time for Republicans to find another candidate and non-of the above will do - not Santorum (his stand on everything is too concrete), not Gingrich (his outrageous rhetoric is narcissistic) and not Paul (endearing as he is - his solutions to everything are too simplistic).

We need some healing solar flares to fix the Republican Party or the sun damage could become permanent.

Was it somebody at White Star Lines, in 1912, who made a claim that even God couldn't sink the doomed ship Titanic?

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