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Friday, March 02, 2012

Rush Limbaugh and X-Rated Slander- A Federal Communications Commission Rebuke Is In Order

I've never paid attention to right wing conservative radio-blabber mouth Rush Limbaugh, but he has effectively used his right to free speech on the air waves to make lots of people feel either furious or self righteous.  In the past, he's primarily directed his muckraking to politicians, especially liberals who he unilaterally disagrees with regardless of the issues at stake.

Limbaugh has now stooped into a deeper level of dark emotion by personally attacking a Georgetown University student, a young woman, for exercising her personal right to free speech, calling her slanderous names on the radio, using rhetoric fired up with sexual imagery.

Using vomit worthy venom, Limbaugh verbally attacked this young woman because she defended her position on a women's access to contraception, speaking to a public hearing before the US Congress. 

Disgusting rhetoric from a low life like Limbaugh shouldn't be a surprise, but to throw his verbal mud at a young intelligent woman because, as a radio bully, "he can", is an immoral act, slanderous in my mind, and one that should get the attention of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

President Obama made a gracious call to Ms. Fluke of Georgetown to affirm her right to speak on behalf of her beliefs.  Our president realized how horrible this young woman must feel, to be the brunt of hateful labels the likes of which an X-rated video might use offensively.  Thank you Mr. President for raising Ms.Fluke up, especially because she was brave enough to defend her beliefs.  "President Obama called Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke on Friday to offer her words of encouragement amid a controversy involving Rush Limbaugh's words toward her."

My point is this:  If Rush Limbaugh has the right to free speech, even for slanderous purposes, then he has absolutely no cause whatsoever, for any reason, to denigrate any another person who shares the same Constitutional right. 

In other words, Rat-Limbaugh, you don't really believe in the right of free speech at all, unless it's used for your own profane purposes.

Whereby, right wing extremists like Bim-baugh continue showing their rat tails- their overt hypocrisy, pointing fingers at others while not holding themselves to the standards they decree as being absolute.

I believe what Bim-baugh said was a violation of FCC license regulations, because he used slanderous and sexual profanity for defamation purposes, rather than presenting facts about the issue that Ms. Fluke was defending.

Regardless of women's political preferences, I sincerely believe what Bim-baugh did was an attack on all of us! We must collectively call for his removal from the public airways.

Please, to news anchors, pundits and media moguls, don't give Bim-baugh any more air time. Let's just cancel his radio show because he's an untrustworthy "has been" and broadcast bully.

Like the scum-bag he is, Bim-baugh's time has finally circled the drain and it's time to flush him away.


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