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Monday, June 17, 2019

William Barr misrepresented the Mueller Report - without evidence that he ever really read it!

The verdict of history- History will always have the last word. William Barr will never overcome his egregious error when he misrepresented the Robert Mueller Report.

EDITOR -  It’s a case of the messenger shooting the sender and, in effect, the receivers, in the matter of Attorney General William Barr delivering Robert Mueller’s report to Congress.
Has William Barr even read the Mueller Report? 

Whether Barr read the report is inconclusive, but that he presented its findings and conclusions contrary to the way Mueller and his team had written and constructed them is now certain.

It’s clear to anyone following this critical matter that William Barr is carrying water for the stupid Donald Trump, the job he auditioned for with a 19-page memo supporting and pledging fealty to the premise that the chief executive cannot be charged with a crime while in office, i.e., is, like a king, above the law.

So history is repeating itself: once when the people of this country opposed the king of England in favor of sovereignty and to form a new type of government where none, including the king, were above the law, and when President Richard Nixon attempted to break that covenant that defines our constitutional government.

How this will all play out is anyone’s guess, but the message to the American people is as clear as the iconic cracked bell: This is an existential moment in our history, and its result could be everlasting.  

From Will Shonbrun in Boyes Hot Springs, California



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