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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Most Valuable Player - President Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize

Having just returned from a magnificent 10 day vacation in France, I observed how the United States may be loosing relevance with the European nations. In France,at least, the research and development technologies in energy, transportation and the health care industries are growing in stature. Nevertheless, the average European citizen is not necessarily more prosperous as a result. Although they enjoy an expensively high standard of living, the average worker needs a decent job to make ends meet.

Economic prosperity for Europeans means they need jobs driven by American interests - like tourism, or customers to buy the technology being developed. Therefore, research and development notwithstanding, the United States matters to Europeans. Although our neighbors in Western Europe are organizing their political and economic clout through the European Union (EU), they continue to look to the United States as their beacon for world leadership. Perhaps the memories of two devastating World Wars during the last century, with their associated cemeteries, are continual reminders of European dependence on the United States. European freedom, after all, was achieved with the blood of Americans.

Therefore, it is highly significant to learn how the Swedish Nobel Prize Committee awarded the foundation's most prestigious Peace Prize to President Barack Obama. What did he do to deserve this outstanding honor? Europeans notice the sea turn in US foreign policy. They like the stability this fresh attitude poses for their own continued growth, economic development, prosperity and peace.

One fact I learned in France is that the American tourist industry dropped off by 80 percent after the US invaded Iraq and received a snub by the French for doing so. Well, being right on the Iraq War doesn't translate into good business for the average French worker. So, Americans' willingness to spend money, matters.

As a result, I applaud the Nobel Peace Prize for President Barack Obama. He is our world's most valuable leader. He presents a peaceful face for Europeans to relate to when they think of Americans. Likewise, congratulations to all of us who support our new President, because his Nobel Peace Prize is our achievement for voting for him. Think of President Obama as receiving the Most Valuable World Player Award.

Our sincere appreciation extends to the Nobel Prize Committee for recognizing America's choice for a 21st century world leader.