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Friday, November 14, 2008

Congratulations President Elect Barack Obama and Vice President Elect Joseph Biden

Everyone I know is election weary. "I'm glad it's finally over," is the commonly stated relief statement. For myself, I'm actually most relieved for the past eight hellish Republican years finally being finished.

Moreover, the reign of conservative politics is over, as well.

Yes, indeed, it's finally over. All eight years building up to this election are now behind us and we can move on - but to where? Thank goodness President Elect Barack Obama is now calling on the successfully experienced people of the Clinton administration to allow his first term to begin designing a survival strategy for our nation.

Those pundits who say the Obama administration is a third Clinton term,oh well, that's perfectly OK with me. Clinton's presidency is a good guide to follow for the future years, when no one appears to have any idea what lies ahead of us.

As the NBC newsman Tom Brokaw said when President Elect Obama was finally declared the winner of the presidential race at 11 PM on Tuesday, November 4, 2008. Brokaw said Barack Obama needs our support. Let's not waste time tearing our new president elect down. Rather, let's use this time of new energy to help build up the presidency of our newly elected national leader.

So, obviously, my family's heartfelt congratulations extend to President Elect Barack Obama, his wife Michael, his family and the same to Vice-President Elect Joseph Biden and his lovely family.

My family pledges to support the work you have ahead of you, to address the daunting responsibilities and challenges of the future. Thank you for running and taking these essential leadership jobs. Please accept your elections as a mandate from Americans to clean up the public policy disasters caused eight years of Republican led turmoil driven by greed, corruption, war and the lack of compassionate economic policies that put us all in this terrible dark economic cave.

We now have newly elected, enlighted leadership to lead our country out of the Republican dug cave and into an era of promise - we share Mr. Obama's Audacity of Hope.

Congratulations and best wishes.