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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

FLOTUS (aka Melania) wears flood stilettos: No! Seriously!

As the flooding in Houston, Texas, worsens, many people have escaped to shelters around the greater Houston area. 

Most of the desperate evacuees in Houston look like this picture, while inside the Houston convention center, where Hurricane Harvey evacuees are double the capacity:

But, when Melania Trump showed up with her husband, Donald Trump, to view the devastating damage, her choice for shoes was to wear stilettos.  It's sort of the modern version of the Marie Antoinette quote abut "let them eat cake". In other words, if people can't wear shoes because, of course, most of their apparel is water logged, then let them wear fashion stilettos instead?

Melania Trump, Off to Texas, Finds Herself on Thin Heels

So, those Trumpenistas, the people who defend all that Donald Trump says, does or supports regardless of the circumstances. Here's a fashion dilemma for all of you. While desperate Texans and people in Houston are struggling just to find shelter, not knowing how they will recover from the disaster of Hurricane Harvey's unprecedented flooding, they are certainly not concerned about their current state of fashion. Unfortunately, the wife of Donald Trump, who is known by the acronym FLOTUS, seemed to put fashion above utility, when she (Melania) showed up in Texas, with Donald Trump, wearing fashion runway high stilettos.

No seriously! This is a classic "I can't make this up," cliche.

What was Melania thinking? This is sort of like the 21st century's version of the Marie Antoinette quote about "let them eat cake".

In other words, if evacuees can't fine shoes, then let them wear stilettos instead.

Unfortunately, I expected more from Melania. She did not represent or extend the empathy that I expected to see, from a woman in her position.

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