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Thursday, June 16, 2016

John McCain hits rock bottom - shame on the creater of Sarah Palin

Senator John McCain was mocked by Republican candidate Donald Trump, yet the same man who stood up to the intimidation by the North Vietnamese, is kow-towing to the man who disdained his days as a Prisoner of War (POW) in North Vietnam.

Senator John McCain has become a lock-step political clone. Rather than lead the Republican party to overcome right wing bigotry and destructive anger, McCain made the wrong decision to build on stupid conspiracy theories about President Obama. Remember the Senator McCain who stood up to a woman in a town hall meeting, when she accused the President (then candidate) Obama of being a Muslim, when he wasn't?  

Where is that man today? He's running for re-election in Arizona and, therefore, finds himself saying anything to avoid another lost election, especially one at the end of his political career. 
Shame on him.

Senator John McCain remained a leader of the Republican party following his presidential defeat in 2008, but he has now caved to right wing extremism, rather than stand against candidate Donald Trump.
Governor Mitt Romney (left), on the other hand, is opposing Donald Trump, because he doesn't risk loosing any  political office.  

McCain should show leadership by supporting President Obama during times of grief and moruning, especially during the aftermath off preventable mass gun massacres, most recently the devastation in Orlando

Incredulously, McCain has accused President Obama of somehow being responsible for the Orlando massacre. Why? Because, he says, of the war in Iraq? OMG. It's conspiracy theory paranoia.

John McCain is showing symptons of short term political memory loss. He forgets how the failed Operaton Iraqi Feedom led to the rise of Middle East religious extremism because the invasion of the soverign nation of Iraq pulled the scab off of decades of simmering ethnic misrust.

Some linear thinking people feel like it was a town hall questioner who asked about President Obama's ethnicity that led the path to Senator McCain's 2008 presidential defeat. Yet, the fact is, it was his Vice-Presidential nominee, the Governor (who did not finish  her term) Sarah Palin who lost the 2008 presidential election, rather than any encounter in a Town Hall meeting.

What Senator John McCain said about President Obama somehow being responsible for any mass killings, especially the murders in Orlando, is reprehensible. Surely, Senator McCain is showing signs of short term memory loss. He's forgotten who caused the War in Iraq, in the first place. Furthermore, Senator McCain has also forgotten the candidate he was when he led the Republican party in 2008, against now President Barack Obama. Although Senator McCain lost the election, he retained his dignity as a patriotic American. Now, by building on weird conspiracy theories, Senator McCain is loosing his political moral compass.  

In fact, the enablers of evil ISIS, the terrorist Islamic State, are those who fuel the movement by feeding the hate they use for energy.

Shame on you, Senator John McCain. At the end of your political career, you have hit rock bottom.

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