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Friday, April 01, 2016

Donald Trump presidential campaign is all about money- shame on GOP

Although Donald Trump is receiving millions of dollars in free media coverage, as the politically labile candidate (he consumes television time like a dirigible) the fact is, his candidacy has been reduced to the issue of money- raising it by the GOP, not raising it and who gets the money after a candidate is nominated.
Donald Trump soaks up free media time like dirigibles consume helium.  Yet, his campaign is all about money.

Here's how I see it:

1.  Why give money?  Donald Trump declared he's running for president using his own money, without soliciting campaign contributions. Yet, because of his fiscal independence, Trump also created an unweildy campaign communications campaign. As a result, mainstream Republicans are understandably reluctant to give money to the Republcian National Committee (RNC), because there's no reason to support a leading candidate who apparently doesn't need money.

2.  Nominee money. At some point, the Republican nominee for president will receive money from the Republican National Committee (RNC) to conduct a national campaign. Obviously, Donald Trump would like to have his share of RNC money. There's no way the "Drumpf" (his family's name before being changed) can fund a national campaign, after he's spent an enormous amount of money in the primary elections.

3. Donors not giving money.  Although the populist right wing movement gets lots (too much) attention - mostly negative- the people who created this bombastic fringe group don't give the big bucks, like establishment Republicans. Obviously, if right wing extremists want to influence America's political agenda by continuing their obstructionist policies, they must give more money. There's no way right wingers can fill the fiscal void created by establishment Republcians who won't give to money to a candidate (like Donald Trump), someone they don't like.

At this point, Donald Trump is over his head with negative publicity and "under water" by spending his fortune on an inept political campaign. 

Nevertheless, the problem with the Republcian candidate isn't entirely about Donald Trump's brand of politics.  In fact, the Republcian brand of "compassionate conservatism" or just plain common sense conservatism is tarnished. This unbranding of the Republican party is now translated into financial language. In other words, if something in the Republican campaign to nominate a viable presidential candidate doesn't change soon, the party is likely to go morally bandrupt and the lack of money will quickly follow.

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