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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Republican immigraiton fanaticism - putting our nation's Homeland Security at risk

Republicans have become right wing obsessive compulsive fanatics. How could they consider cutting the Homeland Security Agency that protects Americans from the dangerous influence by foreigners?

It makes no sense whatsoever. In fact, it's crazy.

Republicans who are fanatically opposed to immigration reform now threaten to block funding for Homeland Security. This dangerous effort to undo President Obama's executive order, by un-funding the administration of the program to help undocumented immigrants from deportation, puts all Americans at risk for more border violations and potential foreign influence. 

Republicans are now threatening to un-fund the very program that prevents undocumented immigrants from crossing our borders, in the first place.

And a chain reaction could endanger all Americans.

As a matter of fact, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is now reporting the confiscation of more fire arms than ever. 

If Congress cuts funding for Homeland Security, the result could lead to even more stress among other security agencies, including the TSA.

There's the potential for a dangerous chain reaction.  

More border crossings as a result of cuts to Homeland Security could well lead to an increase in the purchase of fire arms by illegal immigrants, via the black market, to defend themselves against deportation. 

In fact, Homeland Security needs to be funded to prevent immigrants from engaging in what could be seditious behavior.  

To unfund Homeland Security would destroy the very agencies created to protect Americans from the invasion by foreigners. 

Americans must wake up to the horror of Republican fanaticism.  Just because Republicans feel empowered by their political victories in the 2014, elections doesn't mean they've won America's trust.  House Speaker John Boehner must remember that he is a national leader first, even more than a political partisan.  

It's essential for Speaker Boehner to prevent Republican fanaticism from un-funding the Department of Homeland Security. His support for such a dangerous option, as an objection to President Obama's executive action in support of immigration reform, risks weakening America's national defense against foreigner infiltration, similar to network of network of terrorists who executed the September 11, 2001 attacks against the New York City World Trade Center and the US Pentagon in Washington DC.

Speaker John Boehner must stand up to the fanatics of the right wing of his Republican party. It's incredulous for him to be in a leadership role and allow outrageous cuts to Homeland Security, which will undoubtedly undermine national security.

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