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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Kaci Hickox - Maine must produce evidence for why she should be forced to isolation

Dear Governor LePage and DHHS Commissioner Mary Mahew- please don't waste tax payer money trying to legally isolate one nurse who has no symptoms of Ebola and tested negative for the virus. With all due respect about the concern for public safety and risk of Ebola, you would both better spend your time walking in Maine's neighborhoods where dangerous drug trafficking is overt and epidemic.

Kaci Hickox

Incredulous to have a disease prevention tug of war created over one nurse who has no symptoms of Ebola and has tested negative for the virus. This power struggle between Kaci Hickox with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and with the state of Maine, is absolutely ridiculous. Nurse Kaci Hickox is a professional, she knows how to self monitor and how to advocate for her civil rights. Instead of treating her like she's criminal, let's give her a heroine's welcome home.  In fact, Ms. Hickox has been where the fight to end Ebola needs to happen. She went to the battlegrounds in Western Africa where people are dying from Ebola.  If the world doesn't stop the Ebola outbreak where it has killed thousands of African people, then the fight here in the US will be a wasted effort. Thank you Ms. Hickox for your heroism in caring for Ebola victims and for standing up to senseless isolation rules imposed without any evidence of their effectiveness.

There's no evidence about how mandatory isolation can prevent the spread of Ebola. Nevertheless, the fact is, creating undue stress on professional care givers, like nurses, treating them like criminals, will exacerbate problems involved in trying to control the virus

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