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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Poem by the last nurse - Heroic nurses at Texas Health Presbyterian caring for Ebola Mr. Duncan

Thank you to the nurses who care for all patients especially those who respond to the most vulnerable and lonely like Mr. Duncan, the patient who died of the Ebola virus.

I was certainly inspired by this poem referenced by spokespersons on an American Nurses Association (ANA) webinar about Ebola preparedness.  

The last nurse to leave the hospital room where Thomas Eric Duncan died has written a poem about the Ebola patient, penned during the sleepless days after Duncan's death, a source told ABC News.

The source provided the poem to ABC News, noting that the nurse who wrote it asked to remain anonymous. Duncan, the first person in the United States to be diagnosed with Ebola, died at the Dallas hospital on Oct. 8. Two of the nurses who cared for Duncan -- Nina Pham, 26, and Amber Vinson, 29, have been diagnosed with Ebola.

(Editor's note: THR refers to Texas Health Resources, the company that owns Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital.)

A message to you

Inspired by the THR Family

You came to us sick, frightened, confused,

What happened next became international news.

We saw you so ill, with everything to lose

Our goal was to help you because that’s what we do.

Alone in a dark ICU room

We fought for your life, our team and you.

We cared for you kindly

No matter our fear

You thanked us each time that we came near.

As each day pressed on, you fought so hard

To beat the virus that dealt every card.

No matter how sick or contagious you were

We held your hand, wiped your tears, and continued our care.

Your family was close, but only in spirit

They couldn't come in; we just couldn't risk it.

Then the day came we saw you in there

We wiped tears from your eyes, knowing the end was drawing near.

Then it was time, but we never gave up

Until the good lord told us he had taken you up.

Our dear Mr. Duncan, the man that we knew

Though you lost the fight, we never gave up on you.

All of us here; at Presby and beyond

Lift our hats off to you, now that you’re gone.

You touched us in ways that no one will know

We thank you kind sir for this chance to grow.

May you find peace in heaven above

And know that we cared with nothing but love.

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