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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Leon Panetta needs a reality check while he second guesses US troops on the ground in Iraq and Syria

Leon Panetta was once a Congressman and a former Cabinet member, but he's truly lost his sense of reality by criticizing President Obama about how to respond to the Middle East turmoil. Panetta is receiving a lot of Fox News hype by criticizing President Obama for the crises now consuming the Middle East with evil ISIS beheading innocent people and the Syrian revolution against President Assad. 

Well, Mr. Panetta, maybe you've become bored by raising almonds on your California farm, so you've decided to be a pundit. Nevertheless, while you were harvesting nuts, the fact is, thousands of American military were among the dead who fought in Iraqi Freedom and their deaths accomplished virtually nothing - zero!

Now, Mr. Panetta, you have the audacity to criticize President Obama because the US military can't defeat ISIS and help the rebels in Syria unless boots are on the ground.  Mr. Panetta, the ISIS network would conduct victory celebrations in advance of news that Americans would put US military boots on the ground to fight against them. ISIS generates about $1 million a day in clandestine economic transactions. It would take them about three weeks to pay for the capture of just one US military person to parade in front of a masked executioner. In fact, if the US is stupid enough to put boots on the ground in Iraq and Syria, I'd be willing to bet money on odds about the number of hours it would take before one US military person is a hostage.  

Shame on Mr. Panetta's preening punditry. He hasn't even acknowledged the valiant bravery of the thousands of US military who believed they were fighting for Iraqi Freedom. Now Fallujha is occupied by ISIS while American military blood is still fresh in the streets.  

US, with its coalition nations' airstrikes and drones can deter the ISIS advances, but it will take a local militia to put boots on the ground to defeat these terrorists.

American military must not give one more sacrifice to protect Iraq. Clearly, the ISIS enemy can be overcome by the sheer numbers of thousands of opponents who have nothing to loose by resisting the evil group's atrocious power grabbing. In other words, there are more people in refugee camps than those who are controlled by ISIS. A massive human chain is a very treacherous anti ISIS strategy, but the alternative is also dangerous. There's nothing to be gained by sitting in a refugee camp waiting for the next meal to be served while terrorists are randomly having their way by spreading fear. 

Mr. Panetta, you are wrong to be edging on President Obama, by criticizing his decision to keep the US military from putting boots on the ground in the Middle East. We know the myth of "mission accomplished". Indeed, the Iraq mission was not accomplished. Iraqi Freedom became a failed operation after the US military left. Iraq. President Maliki didn't want the US to stay in Iraq.

 US military should be protecting Americans from terrorist attacks, and let the Iraqi and Syrian rebels put their own boots on the ground to defeat ISIS.

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