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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Governor Chris Christie Traffic Jam is Closing His Career Lanes

Americans may be ambiguous about Governor Christie's insincerity and truthfulness when it comes to his three months late apology for "bridgegate", the closing of exit lanes off the George Washington Bridge leading to Fort Lee New Jersey, because people on his staff wanted to cause a traffic jam.

But, Americans are not ambiguous about traffic jams. Democrats who want Governor Christie exposed for being a political bully, who engages in abuse of power whenever he might be able to get away with it, should keep their sights on the angst caused by traffic jam, rather than on the politics.

In all the rhetoric about how Governor Christie was either potentially not involved, not informed or innocent about the outrageous bridge lane closings, for what's been called "retaliatory" reasons, the apologies just don't seem genuine. Governor Christie nevr "got" the issue. It's about traffic, stupid!

When first asked about the incident, Governor Christie responded with outrageous bravado, saying something like he was the person placing the traffic cones. Lesson in traffic scandals 101 - never try to make bravado out of traffic jams.

Dear Governor Christie, for what it's worth, the correct answer should have been this: "Whadddya mean, lanes closed to Fort Lee?  Who did this?  I want answers! Heads will roll about this!".  Instead, Governor Christie said he was the person putting up the traffic cones.

This issue resonates with people because it's about being stuck in traffic on a bridge. It's a nightmare to which we can all relate.

Especially on September 11, 2013.

My prediction is that the traffic jam on the George Washington Bridge on September 11, 2013 is closing the lanes on Governor Christie's political ambitions to become president of the United States.

If Christie thinks he was smug about putting up cones on the George Washington Bridge, then he should consider practicing how to perfect this skill.

Maybe, he'll one day be directing traffic on the George Washington Bridge - and his bravado statements might prove to have been a self fulfilling prophesy.

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