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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Stupid Sequester: Vote Extending Government Should Eliminate the Sequester

Congress received undue media coverage today because of a vote to extend government funding to support operations for the next 6 months.  This bi partisan vote was a "no brainer" compromise. It was accomplished because obstructing government funding was self defeating for Republicans and Democrats, alike.

This vote was an abdication of fiscal responsibility, in my opinion.  In other words, if Congress can vote to fund, or de-fund, extend or cut, then the dastardly fiscal sequester could also be eliminated.

Republicans are, clearly, continuing to undermine the 2012 election results, by using economic bully tactics to push their "cut government" agenda. They're carrying on like this, in spite of President Obama's victory.  They're stubborness won't recall their "s-s" vote, aka "stupid sequester".

Although everyone publicly acknowledges the stupidity of the self imposed budget cutting sequestration, the fact is, the same Congress that imposed this dire act can, likewise, repeal it (just like they voted, today, to extend the funding of government).   

Politicians apparently need a simple check list to figure out  why a recall of the "s-s" is a "no brainer".

1.  Will the sequestration cuts eliminate our nation's debt?  
     Yes or no.

2.  Does the sequestration law do anything - anything at all, to create American jobs?  Yes or no.

3.  Is the sequestration law popular with Americans?  Yes or no

4.  Will sequestration cuts to America's border security put  Homeland Security at risk? Yes or no.
     (a) Will security personnel be furloughed? Yes or no 
     (b)  Will immigration courts have a longer back log of petitioners, forcing refugees, asylum seekers and non-residents to remain in America, without documentation, for longer wait times? Yes or no. 
5.  Can any politician provide even one reason why the sequestration law is necessary?  Yes or no

Therefore, does it make any sense, whatsoever, to continue the sequestration, especially when one vote of Congress can have it repealed   Yes or no.

Dear blog readers:  All the Republicans who perpetrate this unnecessary and unpopular sequestration, by obstructing a Congressional vote to repeal it, should, themselves, be recalled - permanently.  

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