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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tea Parties in the Park

National Tea Party protests took place in over 800 locales - but it's where they are held, on tax payers' property, that really gets me angry.

Most of these Tea Parties attract right wing extremists who are running out of good ideas about how to help America.

Rather, these people are going back to the future - the colonial times, to be precise. Too bad they can't come up with an original idea about how to move a grass roots effort forward. Instead, they are making a mockery of our democracy by plagiarizing colonial rebellion.

Moreover, these extremists are protesting in parks, in front of the Alamo in San Antonio, and places where nice people want to enjoy being outdoors - on tax supported public property.

They're taking over public places where American tax dollars are used to support the very tea parties where these participants are carrying on about taxes.

It's like saying, "Hey, Mom, I'm leaving home because you don't love me anymore," and going outside to sleep in the family car. You haven't accomplished anything.

In fact, where would tea party participants go if we stopped paying for public parks with tax money? It gets pretty cold sitting in the family car and it doesn't get you any attention, either.

These tea parties need to go where the problem really exists - on Wall Street. Otherwise, please, leave our tax paid for public parks out of the television cameras. You tea party extremists are desecrating our tax payers rights to enjoy the benefits earned by paying taxes.

In other words, tea party folks should quit whining - stop being hypocritical, just because you don't like who won the last Presidential election.