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Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Maine voters send clear message- support Medicaid expansion!

Maine Ballot Initiative Question 2- Medicaid Expansion is approved Thank you Maine voters.

This initiated bill requires the State to provide federally approved Medicaid services through MaineCare to qualifying persons under 65 years of age with income equal to or below 133% plus 5% of the nonfarm income official poverty line.

The initiated bill requires the Department of Health and Human Services to prepare and submit to the Federal Government any state plan amendments, no later than 90 days after the effective date of the initiated bill, necessary to implement the provisions of the initiated bill. The initiated bill requires monthly reporting by the department to the appropriate joint standing committees of the Legislature on the status of a state plan amendment submission until such an amendment is approved and reporting on the status of implementation of the expanded coverage under MaineCare and on the status of implementation and savings generated to state-funded programs as a result of the expanded coverage. It requires the Department of Administrative and Financial Services, Maine Revenue Services to report on revenues generated as a result of expanded coverage.

It requires any savings to be transferred to the MaineCare Stabilization Fund prior to the end of fiscal year 2018-19. It requires the Office of Fiscal and Program Review to independently review these reports and report its findings to the appropriate joint standing committees of the Legislature.

*Governor Paul Lepage, Gubernatorial candidate Mary Mayhew and Representative Kenneth Fredette and Hon. Joe Bruno - alert!

Thank you to the voters of Maine and to all who worked tirelessly to support this important health care initiative.  Although the Medicaid Expansion passed several times in the Maine legislature, the governor always nixed it with his veto pen. Now, the people's veto has nixed the governor's cruel opposition to this bill that expands access to quality and affordable health care for Maine people.

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