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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The New Yorker: Evan Osnos: Letter from Pyongyang "On The Brink"

The New Yorker September 18, 2017
Could Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump goad each other into nuclear war?

An interesting and well written first person tour into North Korea by Evan Osnos. 

Intersting article by Evan Osnos in The New Yorker- but he did not get to ask Kim Jong Un how he felt about "Nuh Jukgo, na jukja!"
Description of (~sort of~) the ordinary life of an American visitor in North Korea., 

Evan Osnos spoke candidly with his personal North Korean guide and chaperon. He stayed in Pyongyang and visited the Demilitarized Zone- on the North Korean side of the 38th Parallel

Take away from the feature story was this: North Koreans are prepared to die in a nuclear war rather than surrender to Donald Trump. "Nuh jukgo, na juka!" (You die, I die!) is the national mantra.

Nevertheless, my own observation, after reading the article, was this:

Obviously the North Koreans are willing to die because they consider it their zealous  duty to do so, if necessary. Nevertheless, it begs the question:  Is Kim Jong Un ready to die with them?

That's where the fulcrum between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un is positioned.  (In my opinion.)  Frankly, Kim Jong Un seems to enjoy firing off nuclear threats, but I seriously doubt that he is ready for a "star wars" style weapon to find him, wherever he hides.

Kim Jong Un should stop his nuclear horror and focus, instead, on keeping his people healthy and economically secure.   

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