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Monday, November 21, 2016

Get ready for non-stop parody as Saturday Night Live goes viral

Although the Donald Trump characterization by Alec Baldwin is brilliant, the line with the most relevance is when the Vice-President to be Mike Pence enters the skit and he's told, "you will keep me from being impeached".  So true.

Saturday Night Live: November 19th episode’s cold open features Mr. Baldwin portraying Mr. Trump as stunned and unprepared for the reality of being president. 
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Alec Baldwin characterized "Donald Trump" in SNL skits

In the SNL skit, Trump meets with various figures, including Kate McKinnon’s Kellyanne Conway, a campaign staffer from coal country and a general, who is eager to hear about the president-elect’s secret plan to defeat ISIS. After the general leaves, Mr. Trump promptly begins searching online for “What is Isis?” Mr. Trump proceeds to renege on assorted campaign promises, including repealing Obamacare, deporting illegal immigrants and creating coal-mining jobs.

Salient points made in this well acted skit:

1.  Donald Trump will never be a popular American leader.
2.  KellyAnne Conway must live with the consequences of her ambitious campaign undertaking (sic).
3.  Mike Pence will be running the Trump administration

Meanwhile, in the final 2016 vote analysis, Secretary Hillary Clinton continues to increase her popular vote margin over Donald Trump and in the total vote count, she won the election for President of the United States.  Electoral College alert.

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