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Sunday, May 03, 2015

Alan Dershowitz must need work - rush to judgement defending BPD

Can't imagine the vocal attorney Alan Dershowitz being desperate for publicity or clients. Why would he take advantage of opportunistic advertising, on televioins, rushing to judgement about the Baltimore City Attorney Marilyn Mosby's indictment of six Baltimore Police Department officers, who clearly were involved in the death of the innocent victim, Freddie Gray? 

Six Baltimore police officers, charged with the crimes resulting in the unlawful arrest and death of Freddie Gray, were involved in the deadly incident. In fact, the victim Freddie Gray was alive when he entered the BPD van and, essentially, he was dead when he left it. 

Although Freddie Gray was taken to the University of Maryland Trauma Center, probably one of the best of its kind in the nation, the fact is, nothing would save Freddie Gray. 

Unfortunately, with a severed spine, he was likely dead on arrival. Freddie Gray did not deserve to die as a result of injuries he received while he was in police custody.

In fact, a valid question to ask is how much money the City of Baltimore will pay (or, more likely, the U of M Trauma Center will eat in losses) to keep Freddie Gray alive, especially because he was essentially dead when he arrived.

High profile legal watchers are likely familiar with the Dershowitz style, where he pontificates about certain trials. 

Frankly, I have no idea if Dershowitz was on the winning or loosing side with any of his punditry.  I do know he talked a lot.

On the other hand, it's a fact that Mr. Dershowitz wasn't present during the BPD transport of Freddie Gray.

Moreover, it's a fact that Mr. Freddie Gray was alive when he went into the Baltimore PD van and mortally wounded with injuries that caused his death, when he left the transport.

It's incredulous that an experienced lawyer like Alan Dershowitz acts like he's oblivious of those two facts.  

Now, Dershowitz calls into question the integrity of a young Baltimore City Attorney Marilyn Mosby, claiming she rushed to judgement with indictments of the six officers, who were responsible for Freddie Gray when he was in their police custody.

In my opinion, Mr. Dershowitz is the person who rushed to judgement in his criticism of Marilyn Mosby.  

Possibly, Mr. Dershowitz wants to represent this police case to capstone his legal legacy. It doesn't take a lawyer to realize how the charges filed against the six Baltimore police officers will likely be plea bargained into something other than their original charges. Frankly, even I could defend the six officers against the worst of the charges they're facing. But, defending all of the officers against all of the charges they're facing will be very difficult. It's doubtful the six defendants will be found innocent of all charges. More likely, the six defendants will receive suspended sentences for many of the charges. Nevertheless, they will all loose their jobs; and that's the ultimate point.

Six Baltimore Police who had Freddie Gray in their custody.
Their mug shots.

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