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Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Missouri seeing high profile cluster suicides

Two high profile suicides in Missouri are symptoms of deeply rooted disfunction among political leadership. 

What is going on in Missouri politics?  
Missouri politics roiled by second apparent suicide

It seems to me, somebody in Missouri politics is guilty of manslaughter - like the Missouri GOP chairman.

Washington (CNN)
A month after Missouri's auditor committed suicide, police say the auditor's spokesman has shot himself in another apparent suicide.

The death of Spence Jackson, the spokesman who had provided the official notice of auditor Tom Schweich's death on Feb. 26, capped off a bizarre chapter in Missouri politics and left questions about whether the two suicides were linked.  (Hello? asks Julie)

Police said they found a note at the 44-year-old Jackson's apartment, but have not yet revealed what it says, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Schweich's death came after he told an Associated Press reporter he wanted to reveal to the public that the Missouri GOP chairman was leading what he called a smear campaign, telling people he was Jewish, ahead of a gubernatorial bid. Jackson had called for state GOP chairman John Hancock to resign.  (note, or risk being indicted for homicide?)

Jackson had worked for 15 years in Missouri politics, including for former Gov. Matt Blunt.

"Spence was a gifted communicator who dedicated his talents in public affairs to public service," Blunt said in a statement. "Spence was hard-working, well-liked and quick-witted."

The current state auditor also weighed in on the news.

"Mr. Jackson was a respected spokesman for the auditor's office and long-time servant in state government," said John Watson, Missouri's state auditor. "The work of the Missouri auditor's office will continue in this difficult time, but no doubt it will be with heavy heart."

Obviously, Missouri citizens must ask their political leaders to examine their behavior and overcome the deadly toll of their communications.



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