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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Palin Report Card - and blog comments

Note - in the 24 hours since I first wrote this blog, Sarah Palin already failed another test. She couldn't answer a question from a comentator on FOX-TV without reading crib notes written on the palm of her hand.

Palin gets a F for not knowing what priorities her tea party candidacy should focus on if they (or she) runs for president of the USA. (Comments at end of this blog from Barry in Maryland and Joe in Bangor, Maine).

It's time to give Sarah Palin a grade for her performance as a wanna-be public person. She was a failed Vice-Presidential candidate in the 2008 presidential election. Her one term as governor of Alaska failed to be completed. Let's see, she failed to answer questions a 6Th grader could have responded to when interviewer Katie Couric asked what newspapers she reads. During her 2008 nationally televised vice-presidential debate with Vice President Joe Biden, she failed to remember the man's full name, calling him "Obiden" at the end of the program. We later learned her faulty memory was triggered to recall his first name, which is why she asked in the opening of the debate if she could call him Joe ("Can I call you Joe?", she asked). Palin simply could not remember the name "Biden", her handlers said in a recent 60-Minute TV interview.

Palin fails history and geography. There is no way she can see Russia from her Alaska window in the state's capital Juno. Moreover, McCain campaign handlers said Palin did not even know about World War I or the Korean Conflict.

Okay, Palin has a best selling book "Going Rogue". Who wants to elect a rogue Presidential candidate? Going Rogue means she made a decision to be a dishonest, knavish person; a scoundrel ( I give Palin an F for her book, too. I don't particularly care for dishonest, knavish people and neither do others I know. Ms. Palin forgets, our US Constitution was not designed by Rogues, but, rather, by intellectual men. Our nation is great because we are law abiding people, not rogues.

All the hype about Sarah Palin is dangerous because she is rogue. Her brand of politics is dangerous because she plays on negative emotions. When was the last time you heard Ms. Palin say something positive, or constructive or even helpful? I give Palin an F for intellectual capacity. She can, of course, do extra credit work by coming up with one helpful or constructive thing to say about the USA that isn't couched in right wing politics.

Senator John McCain, you let a dark genie out of the bottle when you chose Palin, and she isn't going to be corked back inside. Nonetheless, since Senator McCain created the Rogue, he should be the person who tells her to go back to Alaska and stay there. She's beginning to smell just like the fish we throw away when it hangs around too long without cooking.

It's unhealthy to eat spoiled fish. Likewise, it's becoming dangerous to let Palin carry on about politics when she can't even say the name Biden correctly.

If John McCain is the patriot everyone gives him credit for being, then he should prove it again by facing down the political mayhem he created with Palin's rise to media-ocrity. Please help us to put the tea bagging "rogue" Palin back in the genie bottle. I'll give Palin a grade of C if she peacefully takes her piles of book and speaking monies back home to Alaska.

Note received from Barry in Maryland (used with permission): "Palin Report Card" article - I just want to tell you it is an excellent piece and right on the money. Palin and all her negative freenzy hoopla is bad enough, but what really scares me is how many people believe and follow that type of nonsense. Thanks for the Report Card, Barry.
Note received from Joe in Bangor, Maine who wants readers to know about Joe says, "I don't enjoy Sarah Palin. I remember seeing and hearing her go on and on talking about the American Armed Forces who are doing God's work. (Listen!), No matter who does it, I have a hard time believing it is God's work. Then, I just saw a clip of her talking about playing the War Card with Iran. She was chastising President Obama for not being stronger on Iran....Let's see now...we are in two wars and Sara is suggesting we play the War Card. I suggest that Sarah be the first one to volunteer to attack Iran. She won't take my suggestion because she happens to be too busy making tens of thousands of dollars milking out those unfortunate folk at their Tea Party."



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