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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Katie Couric: CBS News You Can Use

Imagine, getting real news on television.

Do you care about the American War on Terror going on, right now, in Afghanistan? A young man from Wiscasset, Maine was very recently killed in Afghanistan, fighting for our freedom against the Taliban:

"Pfc. Andrew Small, 19, of Wiscasset, was one of three soldiers from the 10th Mountain Division who were killed when their patrol came under attack Aug. 11."

Yes indeed, we care - don't we? In fact, I wondered what happened to our fight against the actual Taliban - those demons of destruction who blew up our New York City's World Trade Center right on television. But, then, after the attacks lost their material impact, our television news seemed to forgo the evil Taliban culprits in favor of more glamorous news, stuff to make us feel good. It's like the war on terror really belongs to the politicians. We resurrect it when it's time to win (or lose) an election. Patriotism and Freedom - but where is Osama Bin Laden?

Thank God Katie Couric got it right on her first night with CBS Nightly News. It was an absolutely stellar opening - real news about a real war with the real enemy right there looking at us with an up close and personal report from Laura Logan, who went into enemy territory in Ghazni. Watch a woman reporter right in their Taliban midst. Wow! It was amazing coverage.

Of course, there was a throw away piece about "snapshots", the news to make us feel good. I could frankly do without it. In another "Free Speech" segment, Katie takes on the people who thrive on labels by announcing Rush Limbaugh will enjoy his 15 seconds of legitimate fame with an essay coming up soon, which I'm sure he'll pay somebody else to write for him.

Veteran newsman Walter Cronkite read Katie's opening - did anybody notice?

Couric's opening tonight - a new beginning for her and CBS News, should start a refreshing trend - reporting real news with information you can use. Thank you Katie Couric - and I sincerely hope you keep "Freedom" to report news we can really use and learn from as your operational mantra.


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