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Sunday, August 30, 2009

David Gregory's Tribute to Senator Edward M. Kennedy: Meet the Press

Today's August 30 episode of Meet the Press with David Gregory was one of the best tributes to an ordinary US Senator I have witnessed in my lifetime. Senator Kennedy's eulogy lived on in today's program.

Thank you to Mr. Gregory and to NBC for the extended coverage of Edward Kennedy's death and funeral. Viewers appreciated this poignant moment in American history where, as a nation, we voluntarily paused to reflect on our tumultuous past while lamenting about the future, absent the Kennedy family's beneficial influence.

Maria Kennedy Shriver was particularly eloquent in Gregory's interview.

Yet, the personal testimony and reflection of Kathleen Kennedy Townsend captured what I felt to be spiritually true. Townsend spoke about Senator Kennedy's Roman Catholic faith. She explained the meaning of Roman Catholicism's position on forgiveness, from a personally spiritual perspective.

Like the Kennedy's generational ups and downs, the Roman Catholic faith has overcome thousands of years of scandals and corruption. Most recently, of course, Catholics have been challenged learning about the years of inexcusable cover ups of priests who were protected from sexual abuse charges.

Townsend transcended those horrible black spots of abuse. Inadvertently, I suppose, Townsend put yet another dimension on the Kennedy family's legacy. Their personal family tragedies, triumphs, failings, shortcomings and victories in the face of extraordinary adversities are as tumultuous as the history of Roman Catholicism itself. Obviously, the Kennedy's don't need yet another burdensome torch to carry, but the connection does lead to philosophical thought about the nature and power of forgiveness.

Certainly, I'm neither a philosopher or politician, so this mighty thought about the parallel between being a Kennedy and a Catholic is certainly out of my comfort zone. But, as a blogger...oh well (!), I can bring up the subject for others to criticize or consider.

Meanwhile, the purpose of this blog is simply to say Thank You to Meet the Press, to NBC and to those who appeared on today's show. We prayerfully want to continue the dream, so hope, can, indeed, live on. May Senator Kennedy Rest in Peace.

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