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Sunday, February 08, 2009

German Chancellor Angela Merkel - Thank You for Calling Pope Benedict XVI

My husband's first cousin and WWII veteran Henry L'Heureux told me what he saw during the liberation of a Jewish Concentration Camp in Europe. He cried - I have this on audio tape - he cried when he told me, "Don't let anybody try to say this didn't happen".

Kudos 10 times over to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. She called Pope Benedict XVI on his reticence, when the Pope was asked to pull support for Bishop Richard Williamson, who incredibly wants more proof about the Jewish Holocaust.

As a Roman Catholic, I can see where the Pope might revoke this Bishop's excommunication (I don't agree with it, but I understand this side of the situation). Nevertheless, how can the Pope continue to allow this man to call himself a Bishop? These are two separate issues - excommunication and the man's ordination as Bishop are mutually exclusive issues, in my mind. A Bishop takes a vow of obedience - he has no authority to ask for more proof about the Jewish Holocaust. One has to wonder if this Bishop also needs more proof about the Resurrection of Jesus?

I hope this call by Chancellor Merkel gets more than just a bold bullet story line on CNN:

Perhaps we can hear a transcript of this telephone call. I wish!