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Friday, December 19, 2008

Senator Caroline Kennedy - She Deserves a Chance (It Was Only for Two Years!)

Well, I sure lost this blogging appeal for Caroline Kennedy. Too bad. She simply wasn't ready for the tumultuous political scene. Nonetheless, she has my support. I just wish the Governor of New York had given her a chance - it was only for two years, after all.

It's hard to believe the eloquent Caroline Kennedy is in a position of having to prove she can be a United States Senator. In fact, rather than question her credentials, the people of New York State should reach out and thank this dedicated lady for her interest in the job. Certainly, she has a very good resume and a humanitarian interest in taking a vacant job previously held by another competent celebrity, Senator Hilary Clinton.

Ms. Kennedy doesn't need the money this Senator's job pays; moreover, her prestige as Caroline Kennedy certainly doesn't need reinforcing. She inherited the blue blood of America's best and brightest political Kennedy family.

Let's give this brave lady a chance - she deserves our best wishes and support as her intentions must be purely humanitarian, certainly they are not overtly ambitious.

Thank you Caroline Kennedy for your willingness to continue the legacy of your father and all of his family who have worked hard, even dedicated their lives, for the cause of improving the human condition for all the people of the world.

Please allow me to be the first person to congratulate you as Senator Caroline Kennedy from New York. Maybe I'll have the honor of meeting you some day when I'll give you a congratulatory hug. Also, be sure to call on me if I can be helfpul.