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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Describing the hypnotized Trump cult - echo letter from Las Vegas

Trump cult followers amplify the Trump caustic message like they have been hypnotized to respond.
An echo letter to the editor published in the Theresa Maue Las Vegas Review-Journal newspaper: 

Donald Trump declared during his campaign that he could shoot someone in the street and there would be no repercussions. He was right. Only he didn’t kill a person, he killed civility and honor.

But, Trump didn’t do it all by himself. The (MaineWriter - right wing! *hypnotized*) hordes who cheered him on, did it. 

Indeed, the Trump cult cheered when he mocked a handicapped reporter. And they have cheered his every divisive, destructive, demeaning statement all the way through to this last mocking of a sexual assault survivor.

Donald Trump and his administration have actually achieved some good things, but it will not matter if we live in a cesspool. 

I learned in school that the end does not justify the means. Life has taught me that the end is the same as the means. If the means are poisonous, the end will kill us.

I beg our politicians to stop the name-calling, stop fomenting us versus them. Respect each other and work together. It’s useless to ask our president to change his ways. Congress must show the way. Voters, please keep this in mind when you go to the polls: You cannot drink poison, no matter how good it tastes, without getting sick.

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