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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Iowa echo opinion calls Senator Grassley a hypocrite

An opinion letter from Iowa, published in the Iowa newspaper The Madison Daily Democrat ~ echo (MaineWriter sees hypocrisy in every Republican who called for the resignation of Senator Al Franken, while many, like Senator Hatch-R, have already made up their minds about Christine Blasey Ford.)
Dr. Christine Blasey Ford wrote a letter to request for an FBI investigation about her allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh
Opinion: A video from the Bill Clinton impeachment vote in the Senate showed a young Senator Chuck Grassley expressing his outrage that President Clinton would lie and how this offense was worthy of removal from office.

Fast forward to today and you’ll hear a different Senator Grassley. Now telling lies, meeting with the Russians to alter the election, and paying hush money to a porn star and Playboy bunny to buy their silence seem not to be important.

Why the opposing views on morality? Donald Trump is a Republican and the party comes before country? 

Saying shame on Grassley is a waste of time, because the man has no shame. He proved his lack of shame when he refused to allow Merrick Garland’s name to be brought up for an up or down vote.

Shirley Deck, Fort Madison, Iowa

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