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Friday, August 10, 2018

Opinion letter from Pennsylvania - Trump followers need an anecdote for ignorance

Trump is arrogant, making him dangerous

Echo letter to the editor published in The Intelligencer 

Mass hypnosis has infected Trumpzi supporters.  They only listen to their master's voice.
Obviously, they do not listen to (or hear) the lies and false information spewed forth by Trump from his Twitter account on a daily basis. The man is arrogant beyond words, making him very dangerous.

He doesn’t know what he doesn’t know! He rarely listens to his advisers, even on the subject of national security. Fortunately, some very capable people just keep doing their job in spite of him.

His own daughter broke with him on the disgraceful separation of families at the southern border. Many of those children — if not all — will be scarred for life from that inhumane policy.

Jeff Sessions should be ashamed for even considering such a barbaric plan as part of immigration reform. Deporting parents without their children, what kind of a human being does that?

Trump has insulted our strongest and longest allies around the world. He sent a tweet a few weeks ago regarding building his wall, stated he was willing to shutdown the government if he didn’t get his way and said the U.S. was the laughing stock of the world.

I beg to correct him. The U.S. is not the laughing stock of the world — Donald Trump is. I have long felt the world is just waiting him out and praying that 2020 will see him gone. We can only hope and vote.

His base should pay close attention to him over the next couple of years. They better open their eyes and ears and listen. He is a demagogue masquerading as our president. He would like to have the adoration — false as it is — that the people of North Korea afford their leader.

Of course, in North Korea, the people do that to Kim Jung Un because they know they will be killed or sent to a labor camp for life if they don’t. The same with Putin, he is former KGB. Did you ever read the biography of Alexander Solzhenitsyn describing his years in the Gulag? But Trump thinks Putin is somehow a great guy who always tells the truth.

I pray the Democrats can take over the House in 2018 and put up a very strong candidate in 2020. I also pray that every 18-year-old will register to vote and then go to the polls. The youth of this nation has very clear eyes and doesn’t see this administration through rose-colored glasses.

Odette Rossi, Doylestown Pennsylvania

MaineWriter - the anecdote for Trumpzi ignorance is in the voting booth

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