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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Evil ISIS is determined to incite a declared World War

Evil Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists are consumed by desperation and anger. As if this horrific extremist group doesn't have enough world enemies, they've now targeted 2 captured Japanese citizens for execution. BBCNews claims Haruna Yukawa, sadly, has already been murdered.  

It's impossible to understand how the evil ISIS leadership expects to achieve the group's sadistic goals, when they're desperately alienating peaceful Japan against them, by executing Japanese non-combatants.

Meanwhile, where is the evil ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi?
A few weeks ago, it was rumored he was wounded in an air attack. Certainly, his grossly flamboyant presence hasn't been seen since the reports of his injuries were reported.

On 4 October 2011, al-Baghdadi was listed by the US State Department as a global terrorist. A reward of up to US$10 million for information leading to his capture or death was offered. Only the leader of al-QaedaAyman al-Zawahiri, merits a larger reward (US$25 million). It seems to me, if evil ISIS is seeking ransom, money out of desperation, because they're obviously running out of innocent non-combatant hostages to execute, they ought to sell off their now invisible leader. He isn't of much use, anyway.

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe denounced a video of Yukawa's killing as "absurd and unforgivable", following an emergency cabinet meeting. Mr Abe said Japan "will not give in to terrorism".

If ISIS has really executed an innocent Japanese citizen, the ramifications will be to raise the ire of the peaceful nation to spark a true World War.  There's certainly an innate trueism in the slogan about fighting ISIS in the Middle East or fighting them at home.  

In other words, fighting them at home now includes Canada, the United States, England, Australia, France and now Japan.

Therefore, we might as well muster the collective energies of these nations to destroy ISIS where they are located.  We can no longer worry about civilian casualties because ISIS certainly will not give any clemency to any allies who oppose their nefarious zealous objectives. 

It's time for the world to declare war on ISIS and wipes them out, regardless of how many civilians are caught up in the turmoil.  

In fact, I suggest mustering an army from among the million plus Syrian refugees, who are living in tents, while suffering the loss of their homes and families. 

Our world will be consumed by evil ISIS until they are eradicated. 

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