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Monday, September 30, 2013

Republicans Wasting Money Denigrates our Nation's Democracy

Americans are in a crisis of Democracy right now. There's a political party inside of the Republicans who want to upend our government as we know it, says Ed Shultz of The Ed Show on MSNBC.

Americans have lots of freedoms, but there are no options about how Democracy works.

Democracy means the majority decides issues. Democracy also allows those who don't agree with the outcome of a democratic vote to return and try again.  Meanwhile, the majority rules. There's no ambiguity about this simple basis of Democracy. Majority rules.

In a Democracy, one legislative house of one branch of government is not a majority, by any measure. In other words, House Speaker Boehner leads a minority.

Therefore, those who are in the minority must obey the law.

That's how Democracy is supposed to work.

Instead, right now. in the democratic USA, a minority in the Republican party, a right wing fringe called the Tea Party (not even a registered political party), insists on closing government because they happen to disapprove of the duly voted and ratified health care reform law, called Obamacare.  

Unfortunately, Republicans who are intent on closing down government because of their obsession with health care reform, would rather waste tax payer time, money and our nation's credibility as a Democracy rather than keep our government operational.  They're obsessed with one legal law. 

Suppose Democrats insist on shutting down government because many of us don't happen to like the freedoms provided in Second Amendment guns rights?  Well....
we sure won't go there.....

This tragically looming government shutdown is outrageous and, in my opinion, an illegal act incited by right wing extremists. Their intransigent position is actually breaking the law and, therefore, it's sedition.  

All Republicans complicit in this government shut down, for the sake of crazy ideology, should be punished by the laws forbidding sedition, and incitement of discontent or rebellion against government. This continued behavior will eventually be labeled as treason and the Republican Party will be punished for leading this irresponsible and unpatriotic insanity. 

In past centuries, minority fringe groups of people who engaged in subversive activities wound up in a bad way.

In a Democracy, sedition is punished by striping away the citizenship of those who are guilty. 

Of course, even a potential curtailment of right wing extremism would cost tax payer money but, in so doing, it might be an investment. Removing the citizenship of seditious Tea Party extremists could save Democracy from the anarchy.  

And the morale of this blog is this:  It's called sedition when elected lawmakers in Congress support initiatives that will shut down government and break the law.

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