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Friday, September 27, 2013

Republicans Need to Serve in the Military Before Holding Servicemen's Pay Hostage to Misguided Ideology

Texas Senator Ted Cruz never served in the US Military. Nevertheless, his right wing Tea Party misguided political ideology is holding hostage our nation's military pay. He's taking this terrible anti military position because he doesn't agree with implementing the federal Health Care Reform law. Shutting down government will freeze military pay, for the sake of not implementing a duly passed heath care reform law. Meanwhile, Texas has much to gain from health care reform, because the state has the highest percentage of uninsured people in the nation. Health care reform, aka "Obamacare" will offer Cruz's constituents the opportunity to finally buy affordable coverage.

How to solve getting the military paid, now and in the future?

It's simple. All US legislators, especially those who serve in the federal government, should be required to serve in the US Military. Like magic. Presto! Serving in the military will teach our lawmakers how vitally important it is for the military to be paid. It's horribly wrong to withhold military paychecks, because it's families that truly suffer. Military personnel don't live in a cocoon. They have families to support. Freezing military pay hurts the families of our nation's defenders.

Incredibly, first person accounts written by US Navy Seals tell how they carry money on their persons to pay off informants and to help bribe clandestine operations.So, how is it these same heroic Seals are now at risk for not being paid, because right wing Republicans in Congress don't like Obamacare? Let me get this straight. Navy Seals can pay informants but can't, themselves, get paid? Oh paleeze! Obstructionist Republicans who hold military pay hostage are stupid and unpatriotic. 

Worse, to a right wing person, these extremists are unqualified to hold military pay hostage, because they happen to hold an ideological opposition to the federal health care reform law. Right wing Republican obstructionists, like Senator Ted Cruz and his Tea Party followers, have never put on a uniform to serve our country. It should be against federal law for anyone who never served in the US armed forces to hold hostage military salaries.

Senator Cruz and his misguided political ideology must be cruised out to sea. He and his extremist followers should be re-settled on some remote island where they can do no more harm to our nation with their extremism. 

All military personnel should promptly be paid. Nobody, especially Senator Cruz, should be permitted to make unqualified judgement about the timeliness of defense department paychecks.

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