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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Unelected Power - Godfathers Norquist and Koch Brothers

Some Americans were once upset when President Bill Clinton asked his wife Hilary to lead a campaign in support of badly needed health care reform, because she didn't hold an elected office. 

Constitution constructionists even threw around the founding fathers' concept of the balance of power.  How could the office of First Lady of the US be covered in the process of Constitutional checks and balances?  

But, today, filthy rich people, who don't want to pay taxes, are exerting undue influence over politicians, and the electorate without incurring outrage about the unconstitutionality of what they're up to.

Where's the outrage about unelected Grover Norquist and the Koch Brothers, who wield unknown amounts of political power with money? They're examples of unelected rich people who control our country, like political Godfathers over America's elected officials. 

Norquist gives philanthropy a bad name. His money influences right wing politics, especially, in what should be illegal campaigns, to have elected officials in Congress sign pledges against raising taxes.  But, it's the job of Congress to evaluate the nation's revenues versus our expenses.  Norquist is on a quest to control Congress. His unelected power is nothing more than bribes, used to control legislation in his own best interest. In other words, since he's rich, he wants to be sure his income isn't taxed, so he can stay that way, along with his friends.

Who suffers when Congress is blackmailed by Norquist?  It's the middle class who suffers, because, rather than raise taxes on the rich, the austerity falls on program cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid assistance to poor, and disabled people, and their children, food stamps and Veterans benefits.
Norquist doesn't care about any of these programs, because he doesn't need them.

How can one unelected person have so much power over how Congress votes?  

Koch brothers Charles and David are billionaires who own the second largest privately owned business in the US.

Under the smokescreen protection of their considerable contributions to philanthropy, they're like clandestine right wing puppeteers who throw their loose money away on Political Action Committee (PAC) campaigns to lie to American voters, just because they can.  They're unelected, of course.  Moreover, few people even know or understand how these two get away with what they're doing. They keep a nefarious low profile, while using their rights as American citizens to free speech to support their own political hobbies. They're empowered to use their money for undue political influence because the US Supreme Court handed them a Constitutional freedom to lie, in the Citizens United ruling.

How can these two unelected brothers have so much unchecked power to influence American voters?

Where is the check and balance for people with money, who exert undue influence over our democratic institutions?  Well, it's called the voter, or it's supposed to be us.  

Unfortunately, less people read objective media information while we're deluged with brainwashing TV ads paid for by unbridled political action committees, where the donors are anonymous. A prime example of their power is in the decadent amounts of money sent to Wisconsin Governor Walker in his campaign to keep his office, against opposition about how he divided the state over labor issues.  If Governor Walker was so right in how he managed Wisconsin, why did he need $30 (some say $60) million to get his message out?

Negative PAC ads paid for by rich people like the Koch Brothers are expensive relentless campaigns of lies. Voters, the checks for political corruption, are blindsided by advertising manipulation from making informed choices needed to contain undue influence by rich political hobbyists. 

Americans need to vote the disciples of rich political Godfathers out of office.

When Republicans hold up the US Constitution as being inspired by God, they should also push back on the corruptible power of money in politics. Politicians should demonstrate support for the system of checks and balances instituted by the founding fathers in their inspired governing document, because there's no Eliot Ness of politics around today, brave enough to take on political Godfathers.

But, as voters, we can elect our leaders instead of allowing the rich to buy undue political influence over who governs the middle class.  

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