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Friday, June 15, 2012

New Majority Agenda Like a Long and Twisted Road

Blog readers keep asking one question about the New Majority Agenda. "Who are they?"

An unsophisticated website reveals nothing about the "who" in this negative campaign, conceptualized to create disdain about President Obama.  Rather, their website is a matrix where bold, unsubstantiated, untrue  long and twisted road of lies are printed in various fonts.

New Majority Agenda isn't required to reveal who are driving the ads.

Negative New Majority Agenda TV ads are psychologically driving average people into a state of voter cynicism.  Presumably, those who get on board with the ads become angry enough to vote with Republicans in the Presidential 2012 election.  Those who see the lies are turned off by the messaging.

But, where's the outrage about the lies?  It's like people are frozen in the headlights when New Majority Agenda lies are broadcast.  American could drag these ads off of television with enough outrage.

A media blitz by New Majority Agenda's millions in advertising dollars, paves a long and twisted road of lies toward the November election.  These ads don't educate voters. Instead, they're psychologically created to turn off enthusiasm for President Obama, dragging viewers through a funneled dust bowl of commercials, toward one densely negative wrong fork in the road, a conclusion that all economic woes in the US are President Obama's fault. Not true.

Cowards like the conservatively filthy rich Koch Brothers should come out from hiding behind their long and twisted road of lies, presuming they're the "who" behind the ads.  Who else can waste this kind of money?

Even egotist tax hawk Grover Norquist faces the public on interview shows to explain his extreme positions against taxation.  Will the filthy rich Koch Brothers face President  Obama with their lies?

People who lie for their living, like the Koch Brothers, won't state their opinions to President Obama's face.

Instead, they're throwing decadent sums of money into a blame campaign, telling the nation's TV viewers that the national debt is about President Obama.  Nothing is said about how deficit spending began with unfunded wars and a Medicare D "mandate" forced upon us by President Bush's administration.  These facts aren't stops along the long and twisted road of lies perpetrated by the New Majority Agenda.

It's discouraging for rational thinkers to realize how futile it's become to present facts to the average American voter when they are brainwashed by negativity.  Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan cost tax money - Medicare D might be a good benefit, but it's an unfunded drain on the program, plus, a cash cow for pharmaceutical companies.

New Majority Agenda negative messages will crash and burn in the face of truth, but the expensive ads will undoubtedly keep driving us all down a long and twisted road of extreme misinformation, toward November.



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