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Sunday, October 19, 2008

ACORN and Voter Fraud - What Recent History Taught Us

Republicans, sadly, are already trying to steal the legitimacy of a potential Democratic electoral sea turn in America by waving the specter of voter fraud.

Bearing the brunt of this negativity is ACORN, a voter registration group that just happens to be employing people to register voters.

Republicans have little else to do these days except to unbury the dead, finding ghosts of negativity they themselves exploited to great success in the past.

Except, this year, the ghost is their own making. To coin a phrase, "It's the economy they created, stupid". More ironic, the vulnerable people targeted by these fraudulent ACORN accusations are the very same ones who are more terrified by the state of our shaky US economy than they are by whether or not ACORN registrations are 1000 percent legitimate.

In Maine, where our state, oftentimes, seems to vote by referenda ballots rather than by legislative actions, there is never a registration where the opposition accepts the petition signatures as being 1000 percent accurate. Never. It's a question of the preponderance of the signatures rather than actual number of suspected fraudulent registrations. If a ballot initiative collects the correct number of signatures by just a few thousand names, then the opposition challenges the legitimacy of the signature gathering. On the other hand, if the signature gathering collects a substantial number of names which, by statistical analysis, would fall well outside the potential for fraud, meaning it really doesn't matter if some names are fraudulent, then the issue is left hanging without a formal challenge.

In other words, in a close popular vote, the ACORN accusations of fraud will raise doubts about the legitimacy of a Democratic election victory.

On the other hand, scare tactics about ACORN actually pale by what recent history already taught us about election fraud.

In the year 2000, the United States Supreme Court supported election fraud when they unvalidated thousands of votes in Florida because the time for counting had expired. If the votes cast and discarded had been actually counted, our world would be in a much different situation today because Senator and Nobel Prize Winner Al Gore would have won the presidency.

I speculate, the voter fraud executed by the United States Supreme Court in 2000, has caused the wasting of billions and billions of dollars in Iraq while Osama Bin Laden, the perpetrator of the September 11, 2001 attack in our country, is still on the lamb. It's a loose correlation, but certainly a plausible situation.

Of course, it's also rhetorical because, obviously, we will never know for sure what would have happened if the United States Supreme Court had not reviewed the Florida voter action and condoned abandoning the vote count.

Voter fraud knows no exceptions.

So, my point is, to terrify people about voter fraud by raising ACORN as the example, we must also, likewise, examine actions by the United States Supreme Court and its decision in 2000 to stop counting votes in the Florida presidential election. This fraud subsequently, in my mind, elected a precariously incompetent president of the United States.

Let's give voter fraud equal time to vent all the perpetrators of the crimes.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Thank You Senator John McCain

Truly, if anyone in my blog's cyberspace world knows Senator John McCain, please send him my sincere gratitude for stopping an audience response of ugly proportions from becoming a fear tactic attack against Senator Barack Obama's presidential campaign.

How is it that a woman in the town hall audience recently could be so misinformed as to ask Senator McCain to tell her that Senator Obama is an Arab? Who planted that pitiful woman in the town hall audience?

Thankfully, Senator John McCain, you are a patriotic human being. Unfortunately for Americans, your time for being elected president of the United States is past, due to circumstances beyond your control, like your age, the awful economy, your vice-presidential choice of a running mate selected to please the right wing of the Republican base. Nevertheless, your leadership and moral judgement in response to angry town hall audiences are as fresh as ever.

Writing as an American wife of a Viet Nam War Veteran who happened to be serving "in country", in Chu Lai, when you were a prisoner of war in Hanoi, I want to sincerely thank you for recently taking the microphone away from the audience member who was spreading misinformation about Senator Barack Obama.

This year, I am voting for the political party that deserves at least 4 years to change the direction of Washington DC; this, after 8 years of Republican leadership which took our country backwards, rather than forwards.

Racism and some degree of completely unjustified paranoia seems to underlie this year's election, like, as though electing a black man is somehow not American; or, wrongly, a bi-racial man in the White House will make us all socialists. It's balderdash stuff of the middle of the 19th-century. Gratefully, your actions, in support of Senator Obama's character at the town hall meeting, was the right thing to do for America. You helped to educate people who simply don't understand what this election is really about.

Please listen up, you Americans out there in cyberspace, who mistakenly believe we are voting about fear versus progress!

We are electing a change in leadership in Washington DC.

Fact two, there are only 2 choices on the table for the winning ballot; either one of whom will bring about change. In fact, the choices are both excellent men who have different ideas about how to bring about the change of direction our country needs with regard to foreign policy, the economy, health are, energy independence, the environment and national security.

Thanks you, Senator McCain. Your quick minded response to the wrong minded statements from angry Americans who are misinformed on the meaning of this year's election is sincerely appreciated by me and Americans who admire your patriotic service to our country.

Perhaps, somebody in cyberspace will send you this message with my heartfelt gratitude attached.