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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Why Governor (Doctor) Howard Dean Is Good for Democrats

President George Bush was re-elected to a second term largely because of the public's fearful perceptions about the heinous September 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City, but also, frankly, due to the results of his 2000 election by default. In other words, if Vice-President Al Gore had justifiably won the 2000 US election, I sincerely doubt our President George Bush II would be our country's sovereign executive today, the September 11th attacks notwithstanding. So, why did Al Gore loose in 2000? He lost because of a lousy US Supreme Court decision, but also because he left his Democratic leftist friends out in the cold by pandering to the political center. As a result, we are living with a US world leader who has a hard time speaking without cue cards but who subsequently led our nation into a devastating war against a country which didn't do anything to us personally. Iraq, particularly, and significantly, had nothing to do with the September 11, 2001, attacks. Nevertheless, the terrorists’ leader Osama Bin Laden who orchestrated those and other suicidal maniacs continues to live and taunts us from his hideout mountain holes- far from Iraq- in the Afghanistan/Pakistan region. Which is to say, I believe the Democratic National Committee (DNC) made a wise choice when Governor Howard Dean, or Dr. Dean, or ex-Democratic presidential candidate Dean was elected to lead our party into the future. Dr. Howard Dean, a physician and past governor of the US New England state of Vermont, showed the cowering Democrats how to rule the party when he woke up a disgruntled minority of Americans during the 2004 national primary elections. He speaks directly to those of us who want to see President George Bush checked when it comes to his unbridled use of executive privilege. Moreover, Governor now DNC leader Dean will take his message to all Democrats. He will unify us and energize us. He won't pander to us centrists who voted for Vice-President Al Gore while the other "year 2000 Democrats" went with the "Greens", thereby giving their 2000 vote away to the benefit of now President Bush. Dean speaks in coherent sentences and he also shows emotion - something very few politicians can do with credibility. Congratulations to Governor and Doctor Howard Dean! I support you for the leader you are. After all, as leader of what everybody now seems to call the "blues" (I always liked "blue" better than "red", anyway), let's act like we care. Let's get as excited as our new party leader and scream for freedom for the American people. Freedom of the press, Freedom for security in our old age, Freedom for universal primary health care for all citizens and Freedom to protect us from ridiculous labels like "red" and "blue", when we are all "red-white-and-blue". Minority parties are supposed to act like rebel rousers, and not behave like watered down versions of those who we politically oppose. Oh yes, and it's about fund raising too - Governor Howard Dean will do well there, too. Yes indeed, on policy, on being a proud Democrat and on the other resource issues called the "milk of politics" $$$$, Governor Howard Dean is Good for Democrats. You Go Doctor Dean! Here's my scalpel; we'll suture the patient after we surgically fix this country's right wing fanatics, and use a red-white-and-blue dressing to clean things up. Governor Howard Dean will lead us into the compassionate healing all Americans believe in - Freedom and Justice for us all.


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