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Monday, September 27, 2004

Maine Writer Finds Turkeys in My Yard : A Topsham Maine Notebook

Two wild turkeys languished in my wooded back yard in Topsham, Maine today. This marks the first time we've seen the namesakes of our new address up close and personal since moving in last April. Surely, this is a good omen. These regal turkeys hanging around must mean they approve of their neighbors.
Perhaps they like our mailing address, too: One Turkey Run. I sure hope so.
Admittedly, the chances of seeing turkeys more often will be a direct correlation to how much wild corn is provided for their consumption. But today, the two beautiful icons of our One Turkey Run address were alive and well in our back yard without a kernel of corn to be found. I'll surely improve on that account, especially knowing their intent to provide friendly visits throughout our long Maine winter. They'll be colorful wintertime entertainment when they're fed regularly. By the way, these birds appear to be ample in size, indicating lots of friends in the neighborhood.
Seeing the turkeys strolling through trees, where the foliage colors are just hinting toward change from green to brilliant hues of orange, red and brown, is a picturesque harbinger of the fall weather to come. The actual temperature in Topsham, Maine tonight is 45 degrees Fahrenheit- and summer is not officially over yet. Except, in Maine, seasons don't wait around for calendar dates. Fall weather begins right after the Labor Day holiday in early September and continues rolling along, like a sleigh ride through time, gliding into winter whenever the first snow decides to fly.
Therefore, we will make friends with our curious visiting turkeys because we'll count on them to lift our spirits as we settle in for our first winter in our new home.
Wild turkeys show off the best of Maine. They provide fabulous natural, and local color. Moreover, wild turkeys might motivate some friendly tourism or afternoon visits from those of you brave enough to enjoy life in the wintry forest of Topsham Maine. Our state's popular slogan is
"Maine: The Way Life Should Be". To that end, our friendly wild turkeys
add: "Gobble-Gobble".