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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Close racist Twitter accounts - block Donald Trump

Trump’s (racist!) Twitter account

Trump is weaponizing Twitter - his account must be blocked!
EDITOR: Donald Trump’s tweets over the weekend urging duly elected female representatives of color to go back to their “crime-infested places” were inflammatory even by the standards of his hateful rhetoric.

Donald Trump isn’t some drunken bigot having a beer at a bar. 

Unbelievably, Trump is the president of the United States. His words move millions in thought and sometimes action, but he has shown himself perfectly fine with cleaving our society in two.

Moreover, he's been weaponizing his Twitter account for years, but those who find his tweets offensive and dangerous at least should make our voices heard. Email Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter (, cite the clear danger you think this leader represents and politely ask Twitter to close his account.

Matthew Gollub, Santa Rosa, California

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Donald Trump has a business history where he and his father exhibited their bigotry

Trump, not migrants, should leave the country
NPR: "Once again, the president of the United States has used the sniper tower of Twitter to take aim at immigration, race relations and common decency. And once again, journalists are daring their profession to boldly call bigotry what it is: bigotry. Enough of the vacuous 'racially charged', 'racially loaded', 'racially insensitive' evasions, they say. It's racist, and we should just call it that."

This echo opinion letter was published in the Arizona Daily Star:

Re: the July 15 article “Trump under fire for racially charged tweets against Democratic congresswomen of color.

‘Tis Donald J. Trump who might think about leaving and living in another country. After all, he, from an early age, has despised the United States of America and its commitment to equality and justice for all. Donald and his father, Fred, thought nothing wrong with telling black women that their apartments were full and then renting them to a white person, and Donald railed against five innocent people of color in full-page ads.

Trump is a bigot, he chose to dig in rather than grow and evolve. More recently, President Trump told asylum seekers and migrants from Central America that we were full. Not long before that, Trump bemoaned the lack of migrants from Norway. ‘Tis Trump, truth be told, who hates the United States. He is the one who might find another country’s values, or lack of them, more to his liking.

Dave Gallagher
Foothills, Arizona

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Echo from Michigan Dominicans - migrant children mistreatment by Donald Trump Administration

We denounce in the strongest possible terms the unconscionable mistreatment of children on the U.S.-Mexico border by the Donald Trump Administration, and call on our elected leaders to take all measures necessary to provide them with adequate food, shelter, and health care — and, most importantly, to reunite them with their families.

Jesus said, “Let the children come to me, and do not prevent them; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these” (Mt 19:14).

That children “such as these” — infants, toddlers, youngsters — reportedly have been subject to horrific overcrowding, hunger, lice infestations, sleeping on concrete floors, and other unhygienic and inhumane conditions is an assault on our human decency and fundamental moral values. It should have all Americans, as the prophets of old, rending our garments and weeping in anguish at the depravity.

It is not enough that children at the facility in Clint, Texas, are being moved to other facilities after the spotlight of public attention has exposed the scandalous way this administration is treating these migrant children. What other facilities are holding children under similarly harsh conditions? These and other children must be reunited with their parents or with relatives residing in the United States who must be able to claim them safely.

This is not the first time we have learned about the inhumanity visited upon children at the border. 

In 2018, the international community was aghast at stories about this administration’s treatment of migrant children, separating them from their families and placing them in cages for days on end in clear violation of the Flores Agreement, which provides that children may not be confined for more than 20 days.

As members of Congress take steps to address the urgent humanitarian crisis on the border created by this Administration’s venomous approach to immigration, the top priority must be to ensure the welfare and well-being of God’s beloved — children such as these — now and into the future.

Adrian Dominican Sisters, General Council, Michigan 

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Monday, July 15, 2019

Echo- Dangerous Donald Trump is a threat to US democracy- no intellectual capacity

Dear Editor:  Dangerous Donald Trump opinion echo from Londonderry, New Hampshire 

Dangerous Donald Trump is a threat to our nation's viability and sustainability. 

Trump could try to assume dictatorial powers and abolish the Constitution, Congress, and the Supreme Court. 

Many of his supporters are far right extremists. His candidacy is reminiscent of the Fascists in Germany, Italy, and Japan during the 1930s and 1940s. Trump has unwittingly proposed to pull our troops out of South Korea and Japan if they do not pay for our aid. This will open up the Far East to Chinese and North Korean expansion. He might try to abandon NATO, thereby enabling Russian expansion in Europe. Trump doesn’t have a problem with countries acquiring nuclear weapons. 

Trump even encouraged Russia to spy on Clinton*. (Russia if you are listening!) His blunders could lead to miscalculations by totalitarian regimes and increase the possibility of war. Amazingly, he says he knows more about ISIS than our generals. Trump appears to be unstable, shallow and disorganized, and he does not have the requisite knowledge or understanding of U.S. and world affairs, nor the intellectual capacity, to be President and commander-in-chief.

Donald Moskowitz  Londonderry, New Hampshire

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Two echo opinions - Donald Trump is not qualified to lead

One letter is from the the Press Democrat in Southern California and the second was published in the Kansas newspaper the Topeka Capital-Journal. 

Press Democrat:  Trump’s failed strategies

EDITOR: Every American should Google the show, “Frontline: The Choice 2016.” It details the histories of then-candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Two things stand out in the Trump history. His father taught him to “win at all cost.” (Fred Trump had no tolerance for “losers” in the family.) Second, an old family friend, Roy Cohn told him, “If you don’t win, lie and say you did, and people will believe you.”

When Trump won the election, he started acting out on this advice consistently. He always pretends he is a winner, even when he isn’t. He tells huge whoppers that people actually believe, such as the “birther lie,” the denial of global warming, the lie that Trump is the top expert in every field, etc.

He added a third behavior: attack and blame your opposition when they expose your lies. When he claims “fake news,” look closer and fact check. You’ll find it’s his words that are fake, and the opposite of what he says is actually true.

It’s scary to realize the free world is run by a sociopath whose whole goal is to manipulate others, and that many do believe him. 

From: Susan Joice in Guerneville California

President shouldn’t ignore law

Richard Nixon, who at times seemed to be grappling with sanity while he lived in the White House, told a reporter early in 1974 that if the president does something then it cannot be against the law. In other words, Nixon was above the law.

Now we have another Republican who thinks he too is above the law. And he, evidently, is not alone in that belief. Just weeks after taking the oath in 2017, Trump asked his special counsel if he could pardon himself. Pardon himself for what?

Some legal scholars weren’t too sure that Trump could not pardon himself. Really? And what law school did these opinions develop from? Sometimes it is like living in a parallel universe where reality is being challenged at every turn. Have the Republicans forgotten there is something called the Constitution as Trump increasingly governs with executive orders?

All of this might lead us to believe that the old song in which Judy Collins says to send in the clowns had actually become the norm as the rule of law is being ignored by the president.

From Michal Betz, Wichita Kansas

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Sunday, July 14, 2019

Echo call for compassion toward innocent immigrants - editorial: Donald Trump's disdain for diversity

An editorial echo published in the Connecticut newspaper The Middletown Press

The common thread that weaves together multiple outrages in America today — mistreatment of migrants at the border, children separated from their families and kept in cages, longtime residents far from the border facing threats of deportation — stems from the White House and Donald Trump’s apparently overwhelming disdain for the nation’s growing diversity.

From the beginning of his candidacy for president, Trump has made immigration his signature issue, and he has used it to inflame his supporters. Since taking office, he has missed no opportunity to scapegoat, vilify or otherwise demean people who come to this country in search of a better life for themselves and their families.

This manifests itself in a variety of ways, all of which have salience in New England, thousands of miles from the Southern border. 

On Friday, Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont encouraged families  that are worried about promised raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents to utilize a state-prepared toolkit designed “for parents who seek to have a plan in place for the safe care of their children in the event that they are detained or deported.”

Although there are people who are unauthorized to be in the country, and perhaps they have committed crimes. They should face consequences. No one is calling for a blanket amnesty on every undocumented immigrant.

But we also need priorities. The powers and resources of the federal government are limited, and dedicating those resources to the forced removal of people quietly living their lives decades after entering the country, many of whom have jobs, families and an otherwise secure place in the community, is so far down the list of priorities as to be nonexistent. ICE raids, in threat or in reality, are cruel and counterproductive.

Meanwhile, closer to the border, a humanitarian crisis is only growing worse. Observers, including lawmakers, have reported desperate conditions as migrants seeking asylum are held in unsanitary, unsafe facilities that defy their rights and deny them their dignity. Those who would fulminate about so-called “illegal immigrants” need to remember that seeking asylum at the border is not illegal, and that only our broken immigration system has created a situation where people wait months or years for their status to be settled.

Rosa DeLauro, the longtime Connecticut congresswoman, planned a trip Monday to see for herself the conditions at a Florida facility that houses migrant children who have traveled to the United States on their own. Previous visitors have said it is overcrowded and lacks the capacity to properly care for children being forced to stay there.

No part of this is necessary. Immigration has been a part of America since its founding, and is essential to our continued vibrancy. Even if the president doesn’t understand that, the rest of us must stand for people who are most threatened by the tides of anger washing over our nation. And all of us must work toward a better, more humane future for everyone in America, no matter their immigration status.

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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Donald Trump and his inhumane border treatment of migrant children

This echo opinion letter was published in the Maryland newspaper the Capital Gazette

Detaining children is inhumane

Fort Sill migrant children
There is simply no excuse for migrant children being detained at the border in traumatically inhumane conditions, crowded, hungry, filthy, minimally supervised, some of them ill and sleeping on concrete floors for weeks on end. The United States has truly sunk to a new low.

Plus we all thought that family separations had ended. Most of these children, some of them toddlers, arrived with asylum-seeking family at the border but were taken away from the adults if they were not their parents even though it may have been a close relative.

They may also be separated if the parent is ill. One infamous example of DHS depravity is of a father separated from his three young children because he is HIV positive. The children's mother had previously died of AIDS.

By law, migrant children cannot be detained longer than 72 hours. Most of these children have family in the United States that they were hoping to join. Moving them on to their families should be a priority for Homeland Security. The administration complains that their detention facility problems are due to inadequate funding provided by Congress. Cruelty to children and DHS incompetence cannot be blamed on a shortage of funding.

It is easy to feel helpless in the face of this government-sanctioned cruelty, but we can all do our bit.

There is a local group, the Annapolis Immigration Justice Network, doing heroic work to help asylum-seeking migrants in our area. You can donate to their legal fund or volunteer for their accompaniment program, driving people to their immigration hearings and check-ins with ICE in Baltimore.

You can donate through their website, or send a check to AIJN, 8 Carvel Circle, Edgewater, MD 21037.

From Marilyn Higgs, Severna Park Maryland

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Concentration camp echoes - Buchenwald and Southern Border Camps

Dear Vice President Mike Pence: 

There is no difference in these two pictures except the children in Buchenwald Concentration Camp were imprisoned by Nazis and the children in Southern Border Camps are being imprisoned by Trumpzis.  Evil. (Where are the Evangelicals? Matthew 5:3-12)

Children in cages imprisoned by Donald Trump
Children in Buchenwald Concentration Camp imprisoned by Nazis

The prisons holding undocumented immigrants and refugees in the United States are, by the very definition of the word, concentration camps.

Check Miriam-Webster if you don't believe me. It is a disservice to the people being wrongfully held there to not call them as such.

The abhorrent treatment of these refugees is a dangerous first step on a road to genocide. In World War II, the Nazi extermination of the Jewish population known as the final solution was called the final solution because it came after their other tactics.

First, they stripped Jews and other minorities of their rights, like the undocumented people who are not being given fair trials. They took their property and wealth, and expelled many from the country. Then, they forced them into overcrowded ghettos with terrible living conditions, which turned into work and concentration camps. As war continued, they started the mass killings.

To pretend that these camps are significantly different than the Nazis' first steps is counterfactual to history, a terrible precedent to set, and a refusal to have compassion with the people being mistreated right now by our government with our tax dollars.

The horrors of the WWII concentration camps were unknown to many until it was far too late, It is clear that the acts that ICE is committing are causing trauma that will take generations to heal, and I know we haven't heard it all.

Do not pretend that this can't happen here.

From:  Peter Gorski, La Crosse, Wisconsin

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Donald Trump failed tank day #tanksbutnotanks a weird display

Echo critique published in the New York newspaper Newsday by Virginia Heffernan*

Tanks might strike you as fierce and cool, or as nothing more than fetish objects for right-wing tweens and goggle-eyed “Armored Warfare” addicts. 

Either way, all Americans should agree: Tanks are singularly weird machinery for a Fourth of July pageant.

Muskets, gazebos, little Shriner cars, sure. But when it comes to Yankee Doodling around, brute machines of war are a downer — long considered too ugly, utilitarian, authoritarian and lethal for even our most jingoistic national holidays.

Well, not anymore. President Donald Trump, ever the psycho, rolled tanks into Washington on Independence Day, surely the first head of state to occupy his own capital to demonstrate its independence.

The parade and the run-up to Trump’s late-afternoon speech were ominous. Along Constitution Avenue, people wore Trump-cult garb and slagged-off private citizen Hillary Clinton, who is not running for office. Elsewhere, vocal devotees of the QAnon nonsense were expecting no less than the resurrection of John F. Kennedy Jr. At least one wore a T-shirt picturing that particular dead Kennedy in an ugly MAGA hat (euphemism for a KKK hood!).

You read that right. Hear that rumbling? It’s all 400,000 people interred at Arlington Cemetery rolling over in their graves.

As the public park close to the Lincoln Memorial filled with a vetted audience divided into castes by fences, the atmosphere recalled Trump’s sinister inauguration in 2017. Was menacing Stephen Miller “carnage” rhetoric on deck?

Or maybe Trump’s sniffing would start and, hoo boy, his geezer impairments would flare up again. Maybe we’d get a rollicking military history of the Bowling Green massacres (with a nod to Kellyanne Conway) or the Battle of Covfefe Creek.

Not this time. In the end, Trump gave one of his stilted norm core speeches, filled with plodding doggerel of American self-congratulation that sounded like Newt Gingrich blather — or maybe like an outtake from History Channel Kids. The speech managed to prove that, yes, Trump can read most words. It also suggested that the weak praise he routinely gets — “at least he’s not boring” — is unwarranted.

Most TV channels refused to carry Trump Tank Day (#tanksbutnotanks), wary of giving airtime to what many feared would be a campaign infomercial. But the speech was all bore, no bile. There also seemed to be a tight quota for red-hats (Khmer Rouge style) inside the fences. The whole affair was curiously muffled. The effect was heightened because the president spoke to the people from behind foggy rain-streaked bulletproof glass.

More armor, then. Only one hulking Bradley fighting vehicle, an eyesore in camo colors, could easily be seen during the televised speech, awkwardly grrr-ing in front of the stage. Reports had it that another Bradley and two olive-drab Abrams tanks had also been laboriously dragged in, but stealthy crustaceans that they are, they were either too low or too evasive for TV cameras to pick up. (Lesson: Tanks are bad in shows because … they don’t show.)

Trump was on defense. He was in hiding — behind the gates, chain-link, vast security detail, bulletproof glass and tanks. If you want to preen, you get soldiers in elegant formation or a corny military band. If you want to hide, you get tanks. The show of force seemed more like protection for the president than pageantry for the republic.

Even Trump’s encomiums to the regular-people heroes shipped in for the occasion were sterile. But when did Trump ever seek to inspire when he could strike an Il Duce pose or two, surround himself with sycophants, and hide his cowardice behind a cartoon display of flag-molesting and bellicosity?

This surreal Independence Day brought to mind the confession of Trump’s butler, Anthony Senecal, who said he once was required to hire a bugler to goose the then-not-president’s ego by playing “Hail to the Chief” when the boss came home in a sulk.

This time, it’s likely our taxes will pay the ego-goosing that came largely from GOP courtiers handpicked by the Republican National Committee to applaud Emperor Trump’s new clothes from first-class seats near the podium. The American Way, evidently. The crowd looked wet and listless a good deal of the time. Almost no one appeared to know the words to “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.”

Having for weeks called for Trump’s impeachment, Michigan Rep. Justin Amash dominated the morning political media by declaring independence from Trump’s party. (Out West, an earthquake stole the day’s thunder.) You’d think Trump on his big day would bask in the hokum and let Amash go without a word. But, naturally, he tweeted snippily: “Total loser.”

It was seemingly one of the president’s stock why-I-oughta efforts to warn others in his circle against betraying him. But it’s all tired now: Trump came off as petrified. He was, as usual, firing blindly, cornered, a little hysterical and surrounded by tanks, as if he were America’s enemy instead of its president.

*Virginia Heffernan wrote this for the Los Angeles Times.

P.S. Meanwhile, Rolling Stone reported on the Russian news media analysis about the Sherman tanks in the #tanksbutnotanks exhibit. 

A Russian state TV news program laughed at Donald Trump’s Fourth of July parade this week. According to the Washington Post, the hosts of Rossiya 1’s 60 Minutes program ridiculed everything about Trump’s “A Salute to America” military extravaganza.

One of the hosts, Yevgeny Popov, chided the president, saying sarcastically, “The greatest parade of all time is going to be held today in Washington, that is what our Donald Trump has said.”

Popov roasted Trump, saying, “The American president announced he would show us the newest tanks.” But, “these are Abrams and Sherman tanks, used during World War II and withdrawn from service in 1957.”

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Echo essay - Remedial Holocaust education should be mandatory in South Florida

Holocaust and Shoah 

This echo essay was published in the History News Network electronic newsletter and in The New York Times.
A high school principal in Florida has been removed from his position over his refusal to state that the Holocaust was a factual historical event, saying that he had to stay “politically neutral” about the World War II-era genocide of six million Jews.

“Not everyone believes the Holocaust happened,” the principal, William Latson of Spanish River Community High School in Boca Raton, Fla., wrote in an email exchange with an unidentified parent in April 2018. He said that the school offered an assembly and courses on the Holocaust, but that they were optional and could not be “forced upon” all students.

The emails were recently obtained and published by The Palm Beach Post.

“I can’t say the Holocaust is a factual, historical event because I am not in a position to do so as a school district employee,” Mr. Latson wrote, making a distinction between his personal beliefs about the Holocaust and his role as the leader of a public school. “I do allow information about the Holocaust to be presented and allow students and parents to make decisions about it accordingly. I do the same with information about slavery.”

The comments set off an intense backlash in South Florida, which has a significant Jewish population and has among the highest concentrations of Holocaust survivors in the world. Thousands signed an online petition calling for Mr. Latson’s resignation, and on Monday, the Palm Beach County school district announced that he would be stripped of his position as principal and reassigned to another job in the district.

The debate comes as memory of the Holocaust is fading and anti-Semitism is on the rise. Florida is among the states working to combat that; under state law, all school districts must offer Holocaust education. In 2018, the gunman who killed 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., about a 20-minute drive from Spanish River Community High School, opened fire during one of these lessons, a class called History of the Holocaust.

Remedial education for the principal and all stupid Holocaust deniers is available at these sites:

Holocaust Memorial Miami Beach
1.  The Holocaust Memorial of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation is a Holocaust memorial at 1933-1945 Meridian Avenue, in Miami Beach, Florida. It was conceived by a committee of Holocaust survivors in 1984, formally established in 1985 as the Holocaust Memorial Committee, a non-profit organization.

2.  Jewish Museum Florida is located in two restored historic buildings that were formerly synagogues.

3.  The Holocaust Documentation and Education Center

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Friday, July 12, 2019

Expert journalism from South Korea - Donald Trump's chaos foreign policy

Who believes the president’s crazy stories? By Donald Kirk

Seoul, South Korea

Sometimes you have to wonder why Donald Trump spins so many untruths and half-truths and why or whether he thinks he can simply get away with that stuff forever.

That’s why a couple of his recent boasts seemed so unnecessary, so easily questioned, so pointless. The one I liked most was his claim that we would have been at war right now if Barack Obama’s stay in the White House had been extended or if someone like Obama had been elected. That was a jibe against not only Obama but also Hillary Clinton, who would probably have been reasonably firm about North That’s why a couple of his recent boasts seemed so unnecessary, so easily questioned, so pointless. The one I liked most was his claim that we would have been at war right now if Barack Obama’s stay in the White House had been extended or if someone like Obama had been elected. 

That was a jibe against not only Obama but also Hillary Clinton, who would probably have been reasonably firm about North Korea.

At least twice I heard him say that the Korean standoff had been “a fiery mess” when he took over from Obama — indeed, “We would have been at war with North Korea.” In nearly two and a half years as president, he boasted, “We have had peace.”

It’s very difficult to disprove a hypothetical. One cannot say for sure that we would not have been at war, though I seriously doubt it. It was Trump’s reference to “a fiery mess,” though, that seemed especially noteworthy. Who was it who was threatening “fire and fury” before the U.N. Security Council in 2017? And who was adding to the fury by calling Kim Jong Un “little rocket man”?

In fact, we were far from going to war under Obama. It was in the first year of Trump’s presidency that tensions escalated crazily and war clouds seemed visible on the horizon. That year, 2017, after Trump’s inauguration in January, Kim ordered multiple tests of nuclear warheads and long-range missiles. The U.S. countered by military exercises in which special forces, Navy SEALs and Marines staged mock assassination raids on the North Korean leader in annual war games.

Even so, nobody quite thought war was about to break out in 2017. We are so accustomed to mini-crises and near-crises that it’s hard to convince folks, Korean or foreigner, that we should rush to the bomb shelters or get out of the country on the next plane.

Trump himself that year did his best to fan the flames. I attended one memorable speech that he gave at the National Assembly in Seoul in November 2017 in which he declared, “North Korea is a country ruled as a cult.” At the center: “a deranged belief in the leader’s destiny to rule as parent-protector over a conquered Korean peninsula and an enslaved Korean people.”

Strong stuff — and it got better as Trump warmed to the topic. “The regime has pursued nuclear weapons with the deluded hope that it could blackmail its way to the ultimate objective,” he orated. “That objective we are not going to let it have.”

South Korea, he told Assembly members, “will never allow what’s going on in North Korea to continue to happen.” Why? “The North Korean regime has pursued its nuclear and ballistic missile programs in defiance of every assurance, agreement and commitment it has made to the United States and its allies.”

You have to believe Kim Jong Un must be familiar with every accusation Trump made. Maybe that’s why he decided it was time to try a little reconciliation, beginning by sending a team to the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in February 2018. 

Simultaneously, he stressed his “byungjin” policy on the need for economic as well as military-nuclear prowess.

Which brings us to the next overstatement — flat-out nonsense that Obama “wanted to meet, and Chairman Kim would not meet him,” and “the Obama administration was begging for a meeting, they were begging for meetings constantly.”

Initially, I wondered if some secret messages had been ricocheting back and forth. I had never heard of such goings-on, but you never know. By now, however, I’ve seen enough denials from the likes of Susan Rice, Obama’s national security adviser, and James Clapper, his director of national intelligence, to be sure there’s nothing whatsoever to this claim.

So why does Trump bother to make up stories? How do such foolish fabrications advance the cause of anything? One answer may be that he’s hiding under a cloud of falsehoods to cover up the danger of falling for the blackmail of which he accused North Korea.

It’s because Kim has so effectively wielded the nuclear club that Trump pleaded with him to agree to more talks between negotiators. Perfect. Now Kim can go on demanding what he’s been demanding all along — an end to sanctions, maybe a “peace treaty,” a year and seven months after Trump vowed, right here in Seoul, “We will not permit America or our allies to be blackmailed or attacked.”

Donald Kirk has been a columnist for the Korea Times and South China Morning Post, among other newspapers and magazines. 

He wrote this for

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Nevada echo opinion letter - Donald Trump must be voted out of office

This letter is from Marnin Spigelman in Henderson, Nevada.

Donald Trump's irresponsible foreign policy
The ramifications of antagonizing Iran, as well as abrogating the allied treaty that would limit its ability to delay the creation of a nuclear arsenal, are now being felt based on the irresponsible action by Donald Trump’s reimposing trade and other sanctions. As a result of his misguided posture, the world is now more at risk of a nuclear holocaust.

Trump’s political ignorance and misguided actions, together with his vile language and autocratic intentions, have resulted in the most dangerous time for our country since 9/11. His photo-ops and praises for the worst dictators in the world, in addition to creating dissension among our allies, has seriously diminished our country’s credibility.

Despite his “love letters” with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, there still is a nuclear crisis scenario developing in the Far East. Trump’s camaraderie with Russian President Vladmir Putin has virtually ensured continued disruption of our electoral process. The issues with China potentially could explode into a full-blown trade war to the detriment of our citizens. Further, his romance with Rodrigo Duterte in the Philippines almost validates that dictator’s killings without judicial due process.

Now, Donald Trump is trying to further the GOP control of government with his quest to include a census question that would ensure Republican dominance. 

The time has come for voters to finally realize that a coup is in the air, and we must be vigilant before making a serious mistake by re-electing this unstable president.

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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Excellent opinion letter - wishing this echo was in HD-stereo!

Donald Trump's fake foreign policy!
I want to thank the Tulsa World for all it does. What it publishes is by no means "fake news."

In this day and time, I wonder about the future if Donald Trump wins the next election. He has called our allies weak and has not stayed in some of the agreements we had.

Trump said President Barack Obama was weak on Iran. Then, he took us out of the U.S.-Iran agreement, and now Iraq has enriched its nuclear stockpile.

Still, there is no agreement.

Russia likes Iran, and Trump tries to bully his way, which is no matter of diplomacy.

Trump tried to get a citizenship question added to the census, and it went to the Supreme Court, which questioned its purpose.

Even two border security agents, who liked Trump, have said Obama's policies worked better.

Trump said he would drain the swamp in Washington, but it is worse than it was.

I listen to the news; one popular news network reported all the border information was untrue. Yet, the Homeland Security inspector general issued a report stating inhumane conditions were true.

Trump said he could make agreements. But I question and take a look at the response to what he has agreed on. Oh, I forgot, North Korea now will have nuclear weapons without sanctions. God bless America.

Lanny Eubanks, Coffeyville, Kansas

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